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Posted on 25 April 2017

Hello my sweets, my name is Angel Green and I am your editor and the mastermind behind Mivida Market. I think it best if I start by sharing a little about myself and my world since this is technically our first date, right?

One thing I am categorized by those closest to me is a person who truly believes in love. I'm a person who truly loves people. Creating happiness for others. Helping. Loving. Building. Growing. The things that truly matter in this world.

I am cheeky. I am funny, but I am also a great mother, friend and business woman.

At times, I post pictures of the moment creating beauty and passion and lust or hilarious laughter. Most often, they are quite well received but at times people have negative things to say, as one would expect!

Glimpses like this into my honest and true life do not mean I am diminished in any way. I support women being true to themselves: be sexy if you want to be sexy. Be cheeky if you want to be cheeky. Say curse words. Express emotions. Be you! Be everything you've dreamt of and truly love yourself.

I am so tired of people saying I am more than what I portray. Truth is, I portray what I feel in the moment because moments are all we truly have. No going back. No going forward. Nothing is promised except our beautiful moments. For me, I find just as much beauty in moments where I am sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee and unbrushed hair or playing silly games with my daughter as I do in gorgeous clothes against amazing backdrops after two hours of hair and makeup.
Because of this, because I am truly me all of the time, I know that love will find me, a true selfless love (other than my gorgeous daughter!), but I will not be a slave to find this unicorn of a person for my life. I will not bend. I will not settle. My daughter, family, and business are what matters. And my friends are considered my family.

So to all the beautiful women in my world- go be you and never apologize for that! #opendiary #ca #beyou #mividaloca #loveyourselfmore #learnfrommymistakes

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