No Kid Hungry Fundraiser- May 13th 2016

Posted on 24 May 2016

No Kid Hungry Event – Featuring Promote Love Movement


Monetary Value-  $7K+ Raised

Memory Value – Priceless. 700,000 Meals to Hungry Children


In life, we as individuals have daily opportunities to make subtle positive adjustments to the world which surrounds us; everyday slight changes which can create positive movement in our environment. If we are lucky, we may have an opportunity to celebrate people’s positive choice to make a difference by helping those in need. Last Friday, I had the privilege to co-host such an event which supported the Non-Profit organization ‘No Kid Hungry’.  I did not hesitate at the opportunity to work with such an amazing charity that supports two things I love, feeding those in need and children!


I have an affinity for working with local businesses, especially local charities, so how better than to be blessed with the ability to merge the two! I feel it is important to wholeheartedly thank those who actually made this event such an amazing rooftop success. I am thoroughly impressed by those who graciously supported this cause by donating their time, energy and monetary contributions.



FRANKIE V’S KITCHEN OH how we all love thee! Not only did you donate a more-than-generous silent auction basket containing all your kitchen goodies, but you went above and beyond by keeping everyone fed. From the delicious quesadillas and guacamole to the custom hot sauces and phenomenal handpicked cheese & cracker nibble selection! I am personally touched you would invest not only your time preparing all of these items but also for staying all night keeping the event goodies on point and handing out your beloved treats to our guests! Sincerely, thank you! Frankie V’s Kitchen  


Dr. Richard Benavides Thank you for scouring your wine cellar and hand selecting a variety of wines to keep everyone’s thirst quenched! The wines were beautiful and well received! Your donations for the silent auction were beyond expectations and raised some of the highest bids! We could have not had the financial turn out with out your donations! I sincerely thank you!

The Standard Pour Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!!! What is a warm rooftop overlooking the fantastic Dallas skyline without Champagne? Your generous donation of all of the champagne for the evening was the cherry on top and we sincerely thank you! The Standard Pour


Zac Campbell WOW! You created such a beautiful space for the event! Your eye for space transformation is perfection! Thank you for all of your time creating such a unique and special space for the event. The placement and flow was easy and inviting. Genuinely thank you!


DJ NVS The sultry tunes you played for the event were a tone of perfection! Thank you for your time and amazing musical talents setting the perfect sultry mood for this evening!


Artist Michael Savoie Your art speaks truth and evokes thought and this my friend proves you have a heart of gold! Thank you for setting up your art and so graciously donating to this charity! Cheers to your art continuing to grow and the minds of those who appreciate it! SavoieGallery  


Executive Pastry Chef of the Dallas Country Club, Casey Doody Saving the sweet spot to finish our Thank you dedications! Without your time and talents this event wouldn’t have been as sweet! Knowing how many people support you just confirms your heart is true and dedicated to making positive changes to your surrounding community! You were able to gather some surreal silent auction items and amazing donations. Thank you for bringing bar sensation Cesar and his dunk tank at Sisu Uptown in an coordinated effort to bring more people together to help feed the kiddos! Also, a warm thank you to Allen Martinez, for the gorgeous limited edition Pierre Jouet Champagne Bottle, you are simply amazing. Thank you Casey, for linking so many wonderful people together to make a change. And let’s not forget those gorgeous personalized ‘No Kid Hungry’ macaroons. Between the glitter, sparkle and ombré orange, every guest was in love with your hand crafted beauties! Sincerely thank you for being so dedicated to this fundraiser and doing what truly matters, raising funds as well as awareness for this worthy cause!


Along with all of these amazing people who went above and beyond to help the event, I want to personally thank all of the private donations we received. No matter the size of the donation, THANK YOU! Every contribution helps and I am blessed to have such a strong foundation in the beautiful city of Dallas! You are all wonderful and should feel proud in your choice to make the right decision in helping others.


I love you all and look forward to the next events where we can continue motivating positive changes in our communities!

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  • Jaime Stanley: May 25, 2016

    What a beautiful event. Congratulations!

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